Cranberry Galette

*cue the music and thunderous applause* I’m baaaaaaack!

Déjà vu? Yeah, I know. Okay, so this is my second big hiatus from this blog. If you were curious about my excuse, I’d just say I got really busy with finishing college, balancing multiple jobs, and a move. But half the original point of this blog was to create recipes with normal, life-balancing people in mind.

So yes, I guess I lost a little bit of my passion for cooking and recipe-writing for a while there too. But then I realized how much I missed it. And how many frozen Trader Joe’s meals I was eating. So let’s get back to making real food together, shall we?

I’ll start just in time for frantic last minute holiday baking with this cranberry galette. If you don’t know what a galette is, its basically an easier pie for people who suck at making pies. And for those of you who identified with my tale of woe about not having time. Because ain’t nobody got time for lattice crusts.

In all seriousness, galettes are actually pretty cool in their own right. They’re very rustic-looking, don’t require many ingredients, and can easily be adapted. This cranberry version is nice and festive, combining cranberries (obviously) and raspberries with the classic Christmas spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Continue reading Cranberry Galette