Chocolate and Smoked Chili Ice Cream

For once, the food kick I’m on is actually timed well seasonally. In fairness, though, it might have something to do with the combination of my huge sweet tooth and my unfortunate lack of air conditioning.

Today (June 7th) is actually National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, conveniently. (Don’t worry, there’s also a less specific Ice Cream Day in July) So let’s take this opportunity to kick off the beginning of ice cream season.

This recipe uses cocktail bitters to add a subtle warm depth to traditional chocolate ice cream. Bitters doesn’t show up in food recipes too often for some reason, but it’s pretty useful for bringing a wide variety of new flavorings to things that extracts can’t. This particular flavor is the Smoked Chili Bitters from the brand Hella Bitters. I’m sure if you can more easily find a similar flavor from another brand it would work just as well.

As with all of my ice cream recipes, this does not require a machine or any churning. You’ll probably see me using the same base for several more ice cream recipes this summer. It’s becoming a popular one, and it is a good one to know, since you can adapt it so easily.

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