Hello there! A little about me, you ask? Sure. I’m Nathan. I’m a full-time college student in Ohio, studying to become a food photographer. I grew up with a mother who cooks very well, and a large part of my childhood was spent sitting on kitchen stools watching and helping where I could. I fully credit my mom for my love and understanding of food today. The woman worked and managed her own busy schedule, as well as chauffeured around two involved children,  yet never once served us Hamburger Helper or frozen pizzas for dinner. Like many families, food was what brought us all together at the end of a long day, so it was important to her.

Today, I have my own chaotic schedule of classes, work, and extra curriculars. I also have the typical poor college student budget and tiny kitchen. Oh, and I live in a small, Whole Foods-less town. We just have one or two generic supermarkets. Tragic, I know. Still, I aim to never cook like a student. So I am probably a lot like most of you. We just want real food we can make on a normal day (Preferably without the “15 Minute Quick fix” meals in which two store bought components are slopped together and deemed dinner).  In this blog, I will be posting recipes for some of the things that I actually make as I make them. Some will be simple and classic. Others will be more bizarre and experimental. But all of them will be attainable and easy for others with normal schedules, budgets and grocery selections.

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